We are committed to upgrading the service and products by
enhancing the capabilities of our technical principle and product providers.

Welcome to Petromission

Petromission is a cooperation of friendship and science, an entity based in Abu Dhabi since its inception in 2017. It has been working in the oil field of supplies until it began to integrate felid of services with the ever-evolving industry landscape in the region BY leveraging the resources of the capabilities of the partners and relying on the field of considerable energy in Abu Dhabi to achieve a higher level of credibility and professionalism in performance.


Message from CEO

Gamatech Energy success is built on strong partnerships, technical expertise ​, and a proven ability to deliver superior operational results. With customers across various markets, we are utilising talent and technology to diversify our offerings and achieve sustainable development. We continually invest in the company and our employees proactively innovate to improve processes, results, and strive to meet the highest standards of integrity and safety in the workplace.

Gamatech Energy has set a reputation as a reliable technology partner and a total solutions provider across the middle east and Gulf region focusing on the long-term sustainability of our business.

Magdy Aziz
Chief Executive Officer

We are a dynamic organization constantly searching for talent

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Double exposure of Engineer with safety helmet  with oil refinery industry plant background

Our Specialization

We have been and are still in the service of the UAE since the establishment date at the highest honorable level can be offered on our services and the type of deliverables.
Waste management
Pumps & Valves
Drilling tools and types of equipment
Spare Parts


To be an integral part of the leading national provider of integrated services for the drilling, production, refining, processing, and marketing sector, with the highest standers of safety, quality, and advanced technological solutions for our local customers and meet their operational needs and supply chain for drilling, production, processing and work safety.


Continuous excellence between our services through the expansion of our integrated offerings in the drilling, processing, and marking sectors by investing in the human capital, equipment, and tools and modernizing them while maintaining a total commitment to the pillars of industrial safety and security.

Our Services

PETROMISSION is committed to consolidating its position in the region as a leading provider of total solutions in the oil and gas sector


Testing, Inspection, Certification & Training in authorized third party ,in line with high technical support of globally international organizations in the same field.

Innovation solution

The engineering sector has the ability and capacity with the knowledge to analyze and clarify information .

Integrated services

Petromission, Is one of the leaders in supplying and providing service and maintenance for all kinds of Iron, pumps, valves, and instrumental


Drilling tools and types of equipment

  • Swivel tool
  • Drill collars
  • Rotary substitutes
  • Handling tools

  • Extraction,Of,Oil.,Pump,Jack,On,Men's,Hand

    Waste management

    An innovative solution to follow up on the environmental conservation in a way or an attempt to deal with current climate changes as a result of emissions from drilling, production and refining



    We have a huge list of drilling/service chemicals



  • Electrical pump
  • Diesel pump
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Mud pump

  • Valves

  • Gate valve
  • Testing equipment
  • Butterfly valve
  • Valves maintenance and services

  • Shale,Shaker,On,An,Offshore,Oil,Rig

    Solid control equipment

  • Shale Shaker
  • Mud cleaner
  • DE sander & De slitter
  • Decanting centrifuge
  • Vacuum Degasser

  • Spare parts

    Wide range of all pumps, equipment spear parts

    General services

    Manpower supply, engineering services, facility management, felid management, heavy equipment, and power supply